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How do I order?
-Fill out the contact form
-We will email you to let you know if your date is available and get the design process started!
-Send us any inspo pictures that you like!  Even if it's just the shape, we can make it into your colors!
-If you know where you want the balloons to go, send us a picture of the space so we can send you a mockup!
-Once design is approved, we will send your proposal over.  

-Delivery window will be confirmed a week from your event.

Do you have minimums? 

Yes we do!  Our minimum order with delivery and installation is $350.

What is an “organic” balloon garland?
We had no idea when we first started either!  An organic garland consists of random sizes of balloons throughout the garland.  Our organic balloon garland consists of a mixture of 16” balloons, 11” balloons & 5” balloons.  
What does “standard” mean?
Think finish line at the end of a race!  
The standard balloon arch is on a pole system (we will return to pick it up at the end of your event) and goes from floor to floor.  The balloons are precisely measured to ensure uniformity.  We will need to know the height and width you would like the arch to be in order to provide an accurate balloon proposal.  
A standard balloon column/tower is on a pole system just like an arch.  They are completely customizable, freestanding and movable!  We are all about repurposing your balloon decor.  You can start your balloon column at the entrance of your event and easily move it to another spot for a photo op throughout your event!  So many possibilities!   

What is the difference between a balloon arch, a balloon garland, a balloon column/tower and a balloon wall?
In the balloon world, a balloon arch goes from the ground on one side up and over to the ground on the other side.  Balloon arches make a grand entrance and are a perfect photo op!  Arches can be made with standard sized balloons or we can make them organic.  Either way, it will be on a free standing pole system.   
A balloon garland is one of the curvy balloon designs that you see on social media most often.  Garlands are perfect over a gift or cake table, a photo booth accent piece, staircase balloons, up and slightly over a doorway or house entrance and are always made organically (different sizes)!  Garlands are measured in linear feet so please measure the space and let us know in your inquiry!    
Balloon column/tower (balloon world uses either term so we just put both so no one gets confused) can be made standard or organic.  You pick the height and decide if you want it to have a topper or not.  It goes vertical and has endless design possibilities.  Going to have a party at a venue and don’t have time to decorate?  We’ve got you covered!  We bring your balloons premade and drop them off.  We will return at a later time to the venue to pick up our balloon stands.  You can either pop the balloons or take them home!  
An organic balloon wall is a definite statement piece!  You pick the size!  Let us know how tall and wide the balloon wall needs to be so we can provide an accurate proposal.  
Do you have a price list?  
Yes we do!  Please request pricing by filling out the contact form
Do you do mock-ups?
We do provide complimentary mock-ups for any installations $500+, if requested. 
Do you offer marquee letters and numbers? 
We do not but we know who does!  Ask us in the notes of your contact form and we will connect you!
Are your balloons biodegradable? 
Our latex balloons are biodegradable and decompose at the same rate as an oak leaf.  We only use our professional quality balloons in order to ensure that they are biodegradable.  We do our best to protect our earth in everything that we do.  

Does Hello Sunshine Creatives support Balloon Releases? 
No we do not!  We do our best to be as earth conscious as possible in all that we do.  

Do you blow up kits bought offline? 
We do not but you can send us a picture as inspo of what you like.  Because we cannot guarantee the quality of balloons that are being ordered, we only inflate our own latex balloons.  If you have foil balloons that you would like to add, please let us know and we can either make arrangements ahead of time or we can add them on-site for an additional fee.    
Do you offer strike? 
We do!  Strike begins at $100 and varies based on the size and complexity of the installation.
When will our delivery window be confirmed? 
One week from your event.
I know where I want the balloons to go…what other info do you need from me? 
We will need measurements of the space (height and width), color choices, theme (if you have one…if not, we’ve got great ideas just ask us)!  Please fill out our contact form so we can collect all of the info that we need to get the ordering process started!    

Outdoor Installs?
Outdoor balloon installations are tricky.  Avoiding direct sunlight, sharp areas, textured walls, and wind are most important when it comes to outdoor balloon installs.  When choosing an area to put the balloons, shaded areas are the best option!  
Can I gift balloons? 
Yes!  We love being part of surprises which is why we created “You’ve Been Ballooned!”  We deliver customized balloon decor along with a note from you!  We have plenty of options available for all budgets!  (Balloons must be delivered to a person and cannot be left unattended)  
Gender reveal? 
Did we mention we love surprises??  Have your doctor, family or friends email us the results of your baby’s gender at
Payment policy? 
We require $100 to secure your date and the remainder is due a week from your event.  If you are ordering within the week of your event, the full amount will be due upon receipt of your proposal.
We keep many foils on hand but do require at least 2 weeks notice in order to custom order any foil/mylar balloons.
How soon should I order? 
It is never too early to get on our calendar!  We are always sad when we have to say no to someone requesting balloons, but we are firm believers in quality over quantity.  We generally are unable to do same day orders, but on the chance we can, please fill out the contact form on our website and then text us at 719-419-3308 and let us know your name and that you have a same day request.  We will do our best but we cannot guarantee last minute availability.  A rush fee may apply based on size and date of your request.
How long do the balloons last? 
If your balloons are kept in a temperature controlled environment, out of direct air/heat/wind/sunlight, we have known them to last a few months!  Foil helium filled balloons will last much longer than latex helium filled balloons and longevity widely varies.  You can be sure your balloons will look spectacular for your event!  

Do you offer rental items? 
From LED signs to gold circles, we’ve got you covered!  Please fill out our contact form and we will be happy to send you a list of what we offer.

White Bounce House 
Does price include delivery & setup? 
Yes it does!  
Do I have to order balloons in order to rent the bounce house? 
We are a balloon company first and foremost so we do require balloons to be ordered along with the bounce house.  
Do you require a deposit? 
We require a $100 non-refundable deposit to book the bounce house. The deposit is applied towards the total of your rental. If you need to cancel your event, we will hold your deposit and you can reschedule for any future date within 365 days of your original event date. If you reschedule your event more than once, there will be a $50 inconvenience fee.
What surfaces can the white bounce house be setup on? 
We can set up on grass, turf, asphalt, concrete, pavers, or inside a venue or home. We cannot under any circumstances set up on rocks, gravel, or dirt.
Can you setup at public parks? 
We are fully licensed and insured, so we can set up at parks. Please ensure the park has an electrical hookup to power the blower. We offer generator rentals for $100.  Please check with your park ahead of time to see what permits or proof of insurance they require!

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