+ How do I order?

Thank you so much for choosing us to help you celebrate! We are so thrilled to work with you! FIRST, take a look around our instagram and website to get a feel for our style and what we offer. You can find our current contactless delivery offerings on the Contactless Options page. SECOND, please fill out the form on our Contact Uspage so we can gather the necessary information for your occassion. THIRD, one of our Pop Stylists will be in contact with you as soon as possible. If your event is in the next week, please call us after filling out the form so we can immediately begin the quote process with you. FOURTH, after we have spoken with you about your event, provided a quote and you have decided to move forward, we will send an invoice to your email. The full amount is due 7 days prior to the event. LAST, you'll hear from us when we are on our way to delivery your balloons during your delivery window. Enjoy your Pop Balloons! And please tag us in your instagram pics @popparkcity and #popparkcity

Each order is extremely customized, and a Pop Stylist will work with you to make sure we deliver the best product for your gift, day, event, etc! We love creating ultra personalized balloons and can’t wait to celebrate with you!


+ Do you have minimums?

Minimums apply on weekends (Friday - Sunday), Holidays, and busy times of year (ie. Graduation). Please fill out the contact us form to inquire about minimums.


+ How well do Pop Balloons do outdoors?

We will always consult with you about your event (the details of where balloons are going, what the direct sunlight situation is, the flow of your party, the length of your event, etc.) so we can ensure a smooth installation and event. We also have this guidance on being outdoors with your balloons:

Direct Sunlight/Heat: Heat and balloons are not best friends, however, we do everything in our power to ensure your Pop Creations will last as long as possible!

For helium balloons, we recommend placing them in shaded areas, away from anything sharp that could poke them (direct sun can cause the balloon to expand beyond its limit and pop - but not a good kind of pop). If you have a helium Confetti Pop (a clear jumbo filled with confetti) please note that they can become cloudy if left outside in the direct sun.

For air filled installations, we recommend having them installed in shaded areas that will not experience direct sunlight. We double stuff our outdoor installations, and will provide guidance on the best color choices to use outside (the darker the balloon, the more likely it is to pop!). You may experience a pop or two if your event is mid-day in the direct sun. This is normal and should not impact the overall construction and presentation of the garland.

Wind: Have you seen our instagram stories trying to take pictures of balloons before? Wind is a tricky one. We use double the recommended weight in our hand-made weights on your helium balloons. However, that does not mean they can withstand extra strong winds! If you experience strong winds, we recommend taking your Pop Helium Balloons inside.

For airfilled installations outdoors, we secure in multiple spots to ensure the garland does not go anywhere. However, strong gusts of wind can shift things on the garland slightly. This should not impact the overall design of the garland.

PLEASE NOTE: We will be unable to provide any refunds if any balloons pop after we deliver them safely to your event.


+ I would like to order a gender reveal Jumbo Pop! but do not want to know the baby's gender.

Your doctors office can email hello@popparkcity.com or call us at 435-640-6920 to share the results of your baby's gender! If your sister or best friend or mom or anyone else knows the gender before you, they can also call/text/email us to let us know!


+ How long do they last?


We've heard of some Jumbo Pops lasting for up to 6 months! However, we cannot guarantee the lifespan on your balloon. There are some ways to make sure your balloon has the best chance for survival though - 1. keep it inside at a consistent temperature, away from heat (vents, dishwashers, light bulbs, fireplaces, windows with direct sun, etc.) or bursts of cold air (vents, etc.) 2. keep your balloon in a place where it does not experience wind from a door opening/closing that can bump into something sharp that will pop it! As your balloon ages it may start to hover closer to the floor, this is due to the weight on the tassels. If you want to continue enjoying your art piece, you can cut the tassels off and it will last even longer!

Air Filled Garlands

Garlands that have been installed outside and left outside can last a few days (the swing in temperature from hot to cold back to hot can definitely take their life faster). If we have installed your garland outside, we'll show you how to cut it down, and recommend you take the balloons inside (where they will last longer). For garlands that have been installed inside, we have heard of someone keeping theirs up for 4+ months! It just depends on how much direct sun, heat, cold, etc. that it sees.

While we cannot guarantee the lifespan of our creations, we can guarantee them for your event.


+ What kind of balloons do you use?

We use the highest quality 100% organic + 100% biodegradable latex balloons.

Pop! Park City does not support the release of balloons into the sky and we do our best to be good stewards of the earth. Read more about our sustainability and options for disposing of your balloons on our sustainability page.


+ Can I pick up my order?

Sorry, we do not have a storefront at this time. We are a delivery only business.


+ Can I order for delivery as a gift?

Yes! We LOVE delivering a Pop! of happiness to your friends, family, loved ones, coworkers, business associates, neighbor next door, UPS driver, aquaintence (and the list could go on forever)... we think EVERYONE should get a Pop of fun!

Please note: A human must be present to accept the delivery. We are happy to coordinate with you or the recipient to ensure it is delivered when someone can care for the balloon!


+ Refund Policy

Please let us know as soon as possible if you plan on canceling or changing your order. Chances are that things will work out and we can accommodate your request, but we just need enough notice.

Full Refund A full refund to the original form of payment can be issued if orders are canceled at least 7 days prior to your scheduled delivery/installation date.

Partial Refund If you are canceling within 1-6 days of your scheduled delivery date, you will receive the full delivery fee back to the original form of payment, but the purchase price of the balloon and personalization is non-refundable.


+ How soon should I place my order?

It is never too soon to get on our calendar! It pains us to ever say no to someone wanting balloons, but we will only take as many orders as we can do our absolute best on. While we generally cannot do same day orders, there may be a chance, and you can call us at 435-640-6920.

For a gender reveal Jumbo Pop we can take your order now and accept the gender results 24 hours prior to delivery (from your doctors office, best friend, or anyone that knows the gender before you!)

Please note: A rush fee may apply to orders placed within 48 hours of requested delivery time (for helium and small garlands). A rush fee may apply to orders placed within 7 days of requested installation for garlands larger than 10'. We are not always able to accomadate last minute requests.